Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On the Mountain

On the way back down from the mountain Tinker rode in front of me, having the best time ever singing and laughing then I realized she wasn't making any more noise and I was having to hold her up more than usual.So I slowed down and motioned for Dan to come look at her. Tinker was totally zonked out!I had been driving over big rocks and it is a very steep hill to come down. Daniel said "it's too bad she gets so scared up there." Ha ha!

Daniel and Tinker and I went riding up on the mountain before the older girls got home from school , we wrapped her up in her pink Harley Davidson Puff outfit (Which always makes me think of that kid on the movie Christmas Story ,("I can't put my arms down") We had such a great time up there like always.

Its Tinkers turn to help me make dinner. We are making skirt steak wrapped in bacon. I asked her if she likes eating dead cow.
Tinker looked up at me in disgust and said" No Aunt Breezy that's gross." So I asked her if she likes steak. She said she loves steak.
They love helping me cook as long as they don't know what it is.
Daniel likes to take the girls out one by one to get ice cream. They all thinks that its a secret and no one knows.

Three legged race

When Daniel and Slim got back from having ice cream in town they had the great idea of having a three legged race.
We had a great time taking turns trying to run up and down the field without falling.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Artistry~ A Product Party & Fun!

I presented our business line of Artistry products at a home party hosted by my MIL and she invited some of her friends and family to join us. I was very excited to present products I personally use and receive great benefit from,and since I KNOW these are wonderful I am eager to share them with others.
We gathered over lunch, and had fun as I explained each product and the benefits of using them.
The ladies asked a lot of questions, good questions too !
The Artistry products I presented are created especially for the skin of us ladies as we age. You could say these products will aid in helping us look much younger and show our age gracefully.
My MIL's sister was kind enough to allow me to photograph her without her make-up ( she is so brave!) taking a "skin test" by placing a patch on her skin. This test shows the skin type and helps in ordering the best product for each individual.
This is to show you just how lovely my husband's aunt is.

The ladies looked over the literature as I explained just why Artistry products compare very favorably to the famous and expensive name-brand skin care products available in high end department stores. I also explained how using these products spares you from even having to consider the very expensive,and dangerous option of plastic surgery. ( plus, plastic surgery takes a lot of time to recover from)
My sister-in-law examines one of the products made for the delicate skin around the eye.
Please, check out the Artistry line of beauty products. Click here* We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any of the products our company sells, simply check out our web site for yourself and e-mail us, we'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home,here in Deer Park , Washington. The view from our home is breathtakingly beautiful.
My husband, my hero, taking a young nephew on a tractor ride around our ropin' arena.
Another view from the front porch.
Louie and Maddie, quarter horses we share our life with.
Man, he gets better lookin' the older he gets! ( I mean the big guy) Can you tell I'm goin' to keep him?
Dan and Oakley.
Dan giving " Shorty" ( our niece ) a riding lesson. She is riding Snickers.
Our killer dog Ruger snuggling with niece "Tinker "and nephew Little J.

This new blog is thanks to my MIL, and will hopefully be an account of the wonderful life here at our place . So much family, so many animals, so much to fill our time, ain't life grand? I welcome you to a little bit of time to just shoot the breeze with us!