Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home,here in Deer Park , Washington. The view from our home is breathtakingly beautiful.
My husband, my hero, taking a young nephew on a tractor ride around our ropin' arena.
Another view from the front porch.
Louie and Maddie, quarter horses we share our life with.
Man, he gets better lookin' the older he gets! ( I mean the big guy) Can you tell I'm goin' to keep him?
Dan and Oakley.
Dan giving " Shorty" ( our niece ) a riding lesson. She is riding Snickers.
Our killer dog Ruger snuggling with niece "Tinker "and nephew Little J.

This new blog is thanks to my MIL, and will hopefully be an account of the wonderful life here at our place . So much family, so many animals, so much to fill our time, ain't life grand? I welcome you to a little bit of time to just shoot the breeze with us!

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