Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On the Mountain

On the way back down from the mountain Tinker rode in front of me, having the best time ever singing and laughing then I realized she wasn't making any more noise and I was having to hold her up more than usual.So I slowed down and motioned for Dan to come look at her. Tinker was totally zonked out!I had been driving over big rocks and it is a very steep hill to come down. Daniel said "it's too bad she gets so scared up there." Ha ha!

Daniel and Tinker and I went riding up on the mountain before the older girls got home from school , we wrapped her up in her pink Harley Davidson Puff outfit (Which always makes me think of that kid on the movie Christmas Story ,("I can't put my arms down") We had such a great time up there like always.


  1. Tinker is having waaaaay too much fun with you all...what a wonderful life for her!Love your posts Breezy, and I laughed a lot about her not liking to eat dead cows. I can just hear her froggy little voice saying that!

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I can't believe she fell asleep! What a lucky little girl to have the opportunity to go 4 wheeling in the mountain with Aunt Breezy any ol' time!